Don’t let painful muscle cramps stop you from finishing. Try CrampFix! An innovative, low dose, all natural drink. 

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How does CrampFix work?

Just minutes after taking CrampFix, muscle cramps anywhere in the body are rapidly released. CrampFix treats muscle cramps through the neuro-muscular system by targeting the overactive nerves.

How to use CrampFix?

Simply drink 10-20ml. Or if preferred, just swirl around the inside of your mouth and discard. It’s safe to swallow but not necessary to work! Warning: the taste is very strong and this is needed to ensure effectiveness.

When to use CrampFix? How much?

You don’t need to drink the whole bottle at once!
Usually one bottle is enough for one endurance event.

- Before exercise: to prevent cramps (10ml).
- During exercise: to replenish electrolytes (10ml).
- When cramps strike: for immediate relief (15-20ml).
- After exercise: to assist with recovery (10ml).

How to measure CrampFix?

1 bottle = 50ml = 3-5 servings
2 bottle caps = 10ml


Water, vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium, calcium, magnesium chloride, natural lemon flavour.

All natural – Gluten Free – Caffeine Free – Vegan – WADA/ASADA compliant – Used by professional athletes – Made in Australia