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Power Gel Hydrois an energy gel from the globally recognized brand,Power Bar. All PowerBar
products listed in the Cologne List® and thus can provide greater safety and reliability for athletes.
Cologne List® is one of the leading service platforms listing sports nutrition products. Tested for
prohibited substances under a rigorous certification process

Best By: 07/2021

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฿ 150

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• Power gel provides 105 calories / sachet, suitable for all types of athletes, including runners, cyclists,
triathlons, swimming.
• The gel texture is not viscous. Easy to swallow without drinking water.
• Carbohydrate or C2MAX Dual source provides energy from glucose and fructose. Through scientific
invention inenhancing performance and energy for the body
• ELECTROLYTES Maintain water levels in the body. Prevents dehydration from prolonged exercise.
• CAFFEINE helps exercise performance even more. Increases focus and concentration as well
How to eat: Eat during exercise. Should consume energy gel 1 sachet * Should try to get familiar with the
intestines. Before you actually eat in the exercise or before the race and adapted to suit consumers
*Because it contains caffeine Children and pregnant or Breastfeeding womenshould not be