HydraPak Gel-Bot 24oz/710ml hydration+fuel bottle


Delivers two performance essentials, fuel and hydration, in one easy to use sports bottle. Lets you fuel or hydrate with just one hand. Perfect for racing or total gel addicts. And with a width diameter of 70mm they are the ideal size to slip into your bicycles bottle cage, or just pop into your backpack for those long hikes or runs. All the components can be taken apart and easily cleaned.

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฿ 550

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  • Includes interior energy gel flask.
  • Using Energy-Core technology, the Gel-Bot allows you to consume water, gel or both at the same time from the same bottle.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean and takes your performance to a higher level.


  • Polyethylene is 100% BPA free
  • Weight: 3.2oz/91gr
  • Capacity: 24oz/710ml
  • Gel capacity: 3.2oz/97ml

How to use?

  • Load the inner chamber with energy gel.
  • Fill the bottle with water/fluid.
    • When the nozzle is pulled open, you get water and water only.
    • With the nozzle pushed down, squeeze to get the gel out of the center valve.
    • A mixture of both water and gel comes out when the nozzle is set in between open/close.