Runivore Premium Chia Singles 10x10g


Chia-Up and Run! What the heck does that mean? It means eat chia, power up and hit the trails. Loaded with Carbs, Protein, Fiber, Omega-3, and plenty more nutrients runners gotta have.

Chia is one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth, aiding, supporting or enhancing virtually all of your body’s functions and needs.

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Runivore Chia Singles (10 x 10 gram packets)

Our premium Chia Seeds now come in a travel friendly format. Perfect for bringing with you on a trip, to school or to a race.

As a daily staple chia seeds contain protein for your muscles, omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy heart, calcium for your bones, and are a great source of fiber to keep your digestive system nice and flush.


• 100% daily Omega-3 needs in 2 tablespoons

• 40% grams of daily dietary fiber in a single tablespoon

• more magnesium than broccoli

• 5 X the amount of calcium in whole milk

• 3 X more iron than spinach

• more potassium than bananas