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  • Bounce

    Bounce is a protein ball product from Australia. Rich in protein from...

    ฿ 120
  • Bolt

    Bolt ผลิตภัณฑ์เจลให้พลงังานสัญชาติไทยที่ถูกคิดค้นสูตรโดยแพทย์...

    ฿ 75
  • Active Root - Original ginger 40 serves
    Active Root - Original ginger 40 serves

    Our Original Ginger flavour delivers the warmth and fiery kick of root...

    ฿ 1,950
  • Active Root
    Active Root

    The Active Root variety pack contains all 3 of our delicious flavours...

    ฿ 100
  • AMMO Natural Energy Gel
    AMMO Natural Energy Gel

    AMMO Natural Energy Gel for athletes. Using natural ingredients like...

    ฿ 95
  • BIX

    Bix Recovery is an effervescent tablet from Germany and is the world's...

    ฿ 390
  • Fruit Bound
    Fruit Bound

    Fruit Bound Chia Chews is nature's best in a bar! 100% seeds, nuts, oats...

    ฿ 50

    Unived Salt Caps Electrolyte is formulated to replace essential...

    ฿ 1,200
  • PowerBar

    Power Gel Hydrois an energy gel from the globally recognized brand,Power...

    ฿ 150
  • PowerBar-Gel

    Power Gel Fruit is an energy and refreshing juice gel from the globally...

    ฿ 120

    The Unived Elite Drink mix is a great product that provides energy and...

    ฿ 170
  • UNIVED Elite Recovery Mix
    UNIVED Elite Recovery Mix

    Elite Recovery Mix The Elite Recovery Mix is a superior brew recipe that...

    ฿ 190
  • Unived Elite Endurance Gel
    Unived Elite Endurance Gel

    Elite Gel is an energy gel product. That has been formulated for those...

    ฿ 135

    Voliq energy gel, Thai brand that combines quality ingredients from the...

    ฿ 95
  • Saltstick Elixalyte
    Saltstick Elixalyte

    Saltstick Elixalyte is a product that contains an electrolyte. It is...

    ฿ 1,200


  • Grit
    Nathan Grit

    The Nathan Sports Grit 2L is a...

    ฿ 4,165 -15% ฿ 4,900

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    ฿ 3,230 ฿ 3,800 -15% In Stock

    The lightweight and versatile Nathan Sports Firestorm keeps you hydrated while running, hiking or biking without sacrificing maximum comfort. Includes 2.0L bladder. Unisex. One size fits most.

    ฿ 3,230 ฿ 3,800 -15%
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    ฿ 4,165 ฿ 4,900 -15% In Stock

    The Nathan Sports Grit 2L is a female-specific race vest made of lighter materials. Includes a 2.0L bladder for hydration on the trails. Bottle pocket can fit a 700ml bottle. Zipper pocket holds up to iPhone6. One size fits most.

    ฿ 4,165 ฿ 4,900 -15%
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    ฿ 4,198 ฿ 5,248 -20% Out of stock

    Specifically-engineered women's Race Vest. UTMB-capable with expandable cargo space, insulated bladder compartment, and 3-D Cooling Channel for maximum breathability and comfort. Includes 2.0L bladder. Capacity 11L.

    ฿ 4,198 ฿ 5,248 -20%
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    Out of stock
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    ฿ 4,860 ฿ 5,400 -10% Out of stock

    The lightest-weight women’s hydration pack in the award-winning Vapor Series brings an ideal balance of weight, storage capacity, and durability to even the most weight-conscious distance runners. Dual front holsters can hold two 700ml bottles for additional hydration. Zipper pockets hold up to iPhone6. Without bladder.

    ฿ 4,860 ฿ 5,400 -10%
    Reduced price!
    Out of stock
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    ฿ 3,750 In Stock

    If you find yourself on a startline with 50 kilometers, miles or even more than that ahead of you, the Race Vest should be on your back. A breakthrough fit feature comes in the form of the new Comfort Cinch, which adjusts laterally over the small of your back instead of the sides. Every pocket is designed to be accessible while in motion with storage for...

    ฿ 3,750
    In Stock
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    ฿ 4,450 In Stock

    For serious runners, the Ultra Vest is your ally. Turn your wildest and most ambitious race goal into reality with this 10.3 liter do-it-all vest. MicroMono mesh fabric with 4-way stretch nylon eliminates irritation from sensitive spots like shoulders, neck, and ribs. Two bottles up front and additional capacity for a phone, camera and trekking poles. 

    ฿ 4,450
    In Stock
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    ฿ 5,750 In Stock

    Its purpose-driven and yet the Adventure Vest is meant to be forgotten. Every detail has been scrutinized so you can focus on your route and a personal locator beacon pocket works seamlessly on the vest to let your friends, family, and fans track your big adventures. 4-way stretch material moves with you instead of against you and an upfront phone pocket...

    ฿ 5,750
    In Stock
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    ฿ 4,600 In Stock

    Years of innovation have made the women-designed and women-approved Ultra Vesta a modern classic. The new 4.0 is a vest with seamless, chafe-free 4way stretch mesh material and new Comfort Cinch technology that enables lateral sizing and stability adjustments on-the-go. As with all Ultimate Direction racing vests, two 500ml Body Bottles stow up front to...

    ฿ 4,600
    In Stock
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    ฿ 5,450 In Stock

    The pockets of the women-specific Adventure Vesta can store a plus sized phone, fuel, emergency items, and much more. Sliding rail sternum straps and the new Comfort Cinch technology enables lateral sizing and stability adjustments from the small of your back for our best-fitting vests ever. Grab a buddy or go it alone–the Adventure Vesta will be your...

    ฿ 5,450
    In Stock
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    ฿ 3,900 Product available with different options

    Feature-rich and available in two stunning colors, the Race Vesta is our most aggressive vest for women who don’t just run, but run to win. This new addition in the Signature Series gives women the edge needed in racing and training for target events. 4-way stretch material moves with you instead of against you and the new Comfort Cinch dials in fit with...

    ฿ 3,900
    Product available with different options
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