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“Our mission is to help athletes perform their best, reach their goals & enjoy their sport”

Stay Brave - Stay Strong - Stay Focused - Stay Cramp Free

Crampfix® was developed especially for use by cramp-prone football players.

Many AFL (Australian Football League) players were frequently suffering from painful muscular cramps during matches, even to the point of sitting out valuable minutes on the sidelines, stretching and massaging their legs, trying vehemently to relieve as quickly as possible so they could return to the field. In many instances, key players were sidelined, missing valuable on field time during crucial matches. These players needed something that could provide instant relief, in an easy to use pack to minimise time off field.

In conjunction with an Australian Rugby Performance Coach, various formulas and packaging variations were trialled and tested on national rugby players.

We are continuing to research and explore innovative ideas to resolve cramping.


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