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ProPro is all about convenient, delicious and nutritious foods that make your whole body smile! Healthier people live happier lives and we believe it starts with how we fuel our bodies. This means not only tasty and healthy food, but natural  ingredients that put our minds at ease.

Your health and wellness isn't just about getting ready for that wedding or the next beach holiday, its a lifelong commitment with lifelong returns. That's why we're so proud of our ProPro Fruit & Granola Bars which help us look and feel our best. Just as we want our bodies to flourish, ProPro aspires to make great tasting healthy food that is gentle on the planet too.

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    We think you should be able to recognize everything you eat.   Nothing processed, nothing artificial, no added sugars, no preservatives. Just energy packed natural goodness. Ten grams of protein from cricket powder. Proudly made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Best By:Cinamon&Chia 07/2021Cocoa&Cashew O6/2021Peanut Butter & Oats...

    ฿ 95
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